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The Oldest People on Earth

If it's your 19th birthday soon, you can also look forward to your 10 millionth minute.
And if you're in your late 20's then it will be soon your 1st birthday on Saturn.
If you know anyone over 84 years old, they've also been alive an entire year on Uranus.

So what milestones have the oldest supercentenarians on Earth achieved?

The oldest person who ever lived was a French woman Jeanne Calment who lived for 122 years 164 days between 1875 and 1998. As a teenager, she met the painter Vincent van Gogh in her hometown of Arles (France), and when she was in her 60s the Nazi occupying forces briefly used her home as emergency accommodation. At age 114 she became the oldest-ever actress when she starred as herself in "Vincent and Me", a film about the artist she had met over 100 years before.

Jeanne lived for 44724 days - and today there are over a hundred people who are more than 40000 days old. Fewer people are over a million hours old - as of the 25th July 2017, only:

On 12 October 2017 Yisrael Kristal may become the only living man to have been born over 1000000 hours ago.

Years are much shorter on Mercury, but only one person - Jeanne Calment - has ever celebrated their 500th birthday on Mercury. When she died she was also only a few months short of being the first person reach their 200th birthday on Venus.

On Mars, years are almost twice as long as Earth years, and over twenty people have reached their 60th Martian birthday. But again it is only Jeanne Calment who reached retirement age of 65 Martian years.

When Jeanne died she was 10 years old on Jupiter - and one other person also celebrated their 10th Jovian birthday: Sarah Knauss. She was the oldest American ever, at the age of 119, and died just two days before the year 2000 started. Violet Brown may become only living person to be 10 Jupiter years old on 25th October 2018.

Anybody aged 89 years or more has been alive 3 Saturn years. The oldest person alive today is Violet Brown, born in Jamaica on 10th March 1900, and on 23rd December 2017 she may be the third person ever to reach 4 years on Saturn!

If you're reading this, you have an above-average chance of living until your first birthday on Uranus, if it hasn't happened already. It will be just after your 84th birthday here on Earth. Nobody has ever had their 2nd Uranus birthday.

A year on Neptune is 164 Earth years, so nobody so far has come close to their 1st Neptune celebration, but with advances in medicine and increasing understanding of the aging process, maybe someone alive today will survive an entire Neptune year...

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